What you can do

Easy & cheap

Replace old light bulbs with LED lighting

Increase loft insulation

Install Cavity wall insulation

Improve draught proofing

Screw on a low flow shower head

Place reflectors behind radiators on external walls

Switch to a Good Energy supplier


Medium – some investment, reasonable payback time

Upgrade single glazing to double or triple

Install Solar PV

Replace an old gas boiler with a condensing one


Committed – higher level of investment & disruption

Install Solid Wall Insulation

Get a renewable heating system such as a biomass boiler or a heat pump.

Install Solar Thermal


Measure Your Carbon Footprint

The size of your Carbon Footprint is the amount of greenhouse gas emissions for which you’re responsible, and depends on your lifestyle, how much you fly, and so on. You can use an online tool to calculate it, and the best one I found was:

Carbon Independent's Carbon Footprint Calculator
Carbon Independent’s Carbon Footprint Calculator


The size of carbon footprint for each person on the planet that is sustainable is uncertain, but may be around 1.5 tonnes.

The UK average is over 13 tonnes.