Clothes Drier

Generating heat requires huge amounts of energy, so the most energy hungry appliances are things like kettles, toasters and tumble driers.

So we don’t have a tumble drier, and instead dry our clothes on a rack that winches up to the ceiling out of the way. We found that above the stairs is a great place. It utilises a ‘dead space’ in the house that wasn’t being used for anything else, and is away from food odours that might be absorbed by clothes drying in the kitchen.

clothes rack lowered
load up…
Up and out of the way, and a couple of days later they're dry
Up and out of the way, and a couple of days later they’re dry.

Ceiling Clothes Rack

Product Victorian Kitchen Maid Pulley Clothes Airer
Cost £45
Consumption zero!
Saving £100 per year compared to a common C rated tumble drier
Payback time 5 months
Supplier Cast In Style


A concern with drying clothes indoors is damp, which can lead to unhealthy mould on walls. This becomes even more of an issue as air tightness is improved.
Solution: The Extractor Fan with Heat Recovery in the adjacent bathroom runs on a permanent trickle to remove damp air while retaining the heat.