Support & Grants

What's available? It's hard to keep up- click above for 'comprehensive information and advice'.
What’s available? It’s hard to keep up- click above for ‘comprehensive information and advice’.

For Solar PV you get paid for the renewable electricity you generate through the Feed In Tariff.  [Update: This may be abolished on 1st April 2019.]

You can also get paid for generating renewable heat, by solar thermal, biomass boilers or heat pumps, through the Renewable Heat Incentive.

You may be able to get support or grants for other improvements such as replacing single glazed windows, upgrading old gas boilers to a condensing boiler, or installing insulation.  There are various sources, and things change all the time.

Try the Energy Saving Trust for up to date information.


Support in Hull

warm zone logoHull Warm Zone offer free, independent and impartial advice to householders in Hull, and provide access to grants, advice and support which make homes warmer and cheaper to heat.